Lindy Fralin Pick Guard Noise Canceling System for Tele
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Brand Lindy Fralin
Model No. Lindy Fralin Pick Guard Noise Canceling System for Tele
Country USA
Type New
Register Date 2015-06-18
Certification ---

The PGNCS-T is a hum canceling system built into the pickguard. Tele style guitars with 2 or 3 single coil pickups can be retrofitted with the PGNCS-T. This design is an expansion of our original backplate hum canceling system for Strat style guitar and uses an extremely low impedance coil assembly that effectively eliminates hum while keeping the true single coil tone intact. We have developed two versions of the PGNCS-T, one for standard Tele guitars, the other one for Nashville style tele guitars.

  • Unscrew the original guitar pickguard, modify the pickup output wires to meet the schematic.
  • Run the PGNCS-T wires to the control cavity and solder the wires to the existing guitar electronics.
  • Assemble back the guitar and you are ready to play again.

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