【NEW】Maxon BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver
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Brand Maxon
Model No. Maxon BD10 Hybrid Bass Driver
Country Japan
Year 2014
Type New
Register Date 2014-11-13
Certification ---

  • 12-Month interest-free installments for HSBC,Manhattan and Standard Chartered are accepted 

    接受12個月免息分期計劃 [購物滿2千元正]
    (*只限 匯豐/渣打/Manhattan 信用卡)

  • New Maxon Bass dirve Pedal !!
  • Overdrive designed specifically for Bass Guitar
  • Designed in cooperation with famous Japanese Bassist Masaki
  • Symmetrical clipping circuit yields heavy yet articulate distortion
  • Dedicated Clean Level knob with +6 dB max Boost
  • Dedicated Drive Level knob with +14 dB max Boost
  • Dedicated Drive knob to control amount of Distortion
  • Individual Bass and Treble knobs for precise tonal control
  • Buffered Bypass Switching

使用Clean Boost去令到你彈出來的每一粒音都非常清晰!

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