Zvex Fuzz Factory 7
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Brand Zvex
Model No. Fuzz Factory 7
Country USA
Type New
Register Date 2014-07-15
Certification ---

Fuzz Factory 7 (2014 New Model)
是根據 Zvex 著名 Fuzz Factory 設計的新型號
新設計有7個knobs ,而其中Fat knob 有 9 種不同level 調節fuzz range 。
而 Tone switch 的功能就是 cut treble , 可以令到 guitar tone 沉實一點。

Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce you to the Fuzz Factory 7™, a new take on our original company flag ship Fuzz Factory™. The Fuzz Factory 7 features a 9-position rotary sub switch that opens the pedal up to an astounding new bottom end as well as thin, reedy fuzzes. This means the pedal can oscillate at much lower registers as well has higher ones. The fuzz works equally well with both guitar and bass signals. There’s also a second stomp switch and an associated tone control. This passive tone control operates much the way the one on your guitar does, and when the stomp switch is activated it will let you roll off the high end of the fuzz sound so you can mellow out the tone if you like.

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