【NEW】ZVEX instant Lo-Fi Junky Vexter (TW)
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Brand Zvex
Model No. ZVEX instant Lo-Fi Junky Vexter
Country Taiwan
Type New
Register Date 2014-01-21
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12-Month interest-free installments for HSBC,Manhattan and Standard Chartered are accepted 

接受12個月免息分期計劃 [購物滿2千元正]
(*只限 匯豐/渣打/Manhattan 信用卡)

這枚Z.Vex的最新產品是基於之前的Lo-Fi Loop Junkie開發而來的。 Lo-Fi Loop Junkie可以製造出老式的顫音與鍾聲壓縮音色,但它只適用於製造連復效果,而不是對吉他的時事信號進行處理。因此Z.Vex開發出了這枚全新的Lo-Fi Junkie效果器,來滿足更多吉他手的需要。

  這枚Z.Vex的最新產品是基於之前的Lo-Fi Loop Junkie開發而來的。 Lo-Fi Loop Junkie可以製造出老式的顫音與鍾聲壓縮音色,但它只適用於製造連復效果,而不是對吉他的時事信號進行處理。因此Z.Vex開發出了這枚全新的Lo-Fi Junkie效果器,來滿足更多吉他手的需要。




To get the basic real-time Lo-Fi sound, turn the middle knob all the way to the right and set the waveform switch to triangle. By adjusting the speed and depth it’s pretty easy to achieve a very similar texture to the original Lo-Fi Loop JunkyTM. Lower the tone knob if you wish to darken the tone.

Next, try turning down the middle knob all the way toward the “comp” side. With this setting you’ll enjoy a remark-
ably spanky bright and clear compression. It lasts forever but has dynamics like there’s no tomorrow. As you turn
the middle knob back toward the Lo-Fi side, you’ll hear the chorus blend start to happen. The sparkly clear compressed signal will mix with the smashed, lo-fidelity warbled signal and become a luscious emulsification that can be blended to the most perfect depth. Unlike other choruses where

the only depth control you have is the depth of the sweep oscillator, this unit lets you set exactly how much of the two signals are present in the mix... more clear compression
if you want the sound to be basically clean with a hint of chorus, blended 1-to-1 for pure chorusing sound, or mostly vibrato with a hint of chorus by turning the knob mostly to the right. The chorus sound sounds most traditional with either the sine or triangle setting. They are subtly but notice- ably different.

Now try switching the waveform to square and set the middle knob mostly to the compression side (to the left). You can blend in just enough of the square-wave modulated Lo-Fi sound to make it really eerie. For the spookiest sound, set the speed control to the tempo of your performance and the depth all the way up, adjusting the mix for just enough modu- lation. I really love this setting... it’s so unusual and fun.

We had a producer come through our booth at the NAMM show when we were demonstrating the Instant Lo-Fi in 2011, and we turned it off to show how much sustain the compressor had when it was engaged. He looked at Erik (our demonstrator) quizzically and said “but why would I ever

want to turn it off?” Maybe you’ll feel the same way about the Instant Lo-Fi. It’s dangerously addictive.

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