【NEW】Zvex Double Rock
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Brand Zvex
Model No. ZVEX Double Rock
Country USA
Type New
Register Date 2014-01-21
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12-Month interest-free installments for HSBC,Manhattan and Standard Chartered are accepted 

接受12個月免息分期計劃 [購物滿2千元正]
(*只限 匯豐/渣打/Manhattan 信用卡)

This pedal was originally designed for J.Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. He requested two Box of RockTM pedals in one box with two stomp switches. He uses that regularly on stage now, but we did one (or two) better with the one we’re releas- ing to the public... we made it so you can adjust the sub frequencies (like the DistortronTM), and you can convert either channel to a Super Hard-OnTM. In this way, you can config- ure the pedal to be two Distortrons cascaded, two Super Hard-Ons cascaded (like a Super Duper 2-in-1TM), or a Box of RockTM with boost, or a Super Hard-OnTM (SHO) going into a Box of RockTM. Distortion/boost heaven! Whee!!!  


favorite distortion/boost tones. Since you can change the first or second stomp switches to either a DistortronTM or Super Hard-OnTM (SHO), you can mix and match the two to experience different results... SHO before the DistortronTM will give you more sustain, while after will give you more amp volume (or drive, if you use a distorted amp sound.) Of course, you can use the pedal the way J. Mascis intended by going DistortronTM into DistortronTM or get Super Duper 2-in-1TM tones by cascading the SHOs. If you have other distortion pedals, don’t leave them in the closet! Many dis- tortion pedals sound amazing into the Double RockTM. You may discover a whole new love for your old distortion pedal collection!

I recommend that you try the Double RockTM last in your pedal chain, just before the amp. You can set the amp for your favorite clean tone, and set the Double RockTM for your  


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