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Brand G-Lab
Country Poland
Year 2014
Type New
Register Date 2014-03-01
Certification ---

12-Month interest-free installments for HSBC,Manhattan and Standard Chartered are accepted 

接受12個月免息分期計劃 [購物滿2千元正]
(*只限 匯豐/渣打/Manhattan 信用卡)

G-Lab 在這個設計上減少了樂手在開關Wah Pedal 時的失誤,這個設計的特色就是它有兩個模式 第一個是以傳統方式(以踩著踏板壓下去開關) 而第二個就是以自動模式(以腳放在踏板上) 。

第一個傳統模式應該不用解釋,市面上的Wah Pedal 也是以這個模式去開關;


而且在BWW-1 也可以調較Hi 和 Low 的Frequencies , 而Q Factor 是控制Wah的深度。

BWW-1 with four tone parameters switches enables you to match the tone to your needs. RANGE switch allows you to change the range of resonance frequencies. In HI position it is possible to use wah-wah effect without the influence on low-frequency harmonic sound. In turn LOW position enables higher influence on the low frequencies, what gives new possibilities of creating the tone. Q FACTOR switch let you adjust the deepness of the effect, especially the low part of the regulation band. TREBLE switch can boosts the volume of mid/high frequencies, what let you adjust the tone to higher part of resonance frequencies. The VOLUME switch adjust the level of output signal.

BASS WOWEE-WAH features two switching modes: traditional (with the switch located in front of the pedal) and automatic mode (with the sensor of placing the leg on the pedal). Due to that, the switching OFF and ON of the wah-wah is far more faster and more comfortable what gives new creative capabilities. Photo element instead of potentiometer makes the using of wah-wah more easy and enlarges the effect reliability.

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