【NEW】Maxon VOP9 Vintage Overdrive Pro
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Brand Maxon
Model No. VOP9 Vintage Overdrive Pro
Country Japan
Year 2014
Type New
Register Date 2014-02-28
Certification ---
  • Vintage Overdrive Pro VOP9 adds natural and warm nuance to your guitar sound like that of a good vintage amp. Specially designed circuit reacts precisely to every fingering or picking nuance with minimal compression.

  • VOP9 combines functions of clean booster and overdrive. With Drive Control level set to minimum, the overdrive circuit works as a -12dB attenuator, and the clean boost circuit as a 6dB booster to create clean and flat boost sound. When turning up the drive level control, signal from overdrive circuit is blended in against clean signal until full overdrive tone is reached at Drive Control maximum level setting. 

  • JRC NJM4558D IC op-amp offers low-noise overdrive sound. The overdrive circuit is the same as OD9, using a diode in op-amp negative feedback loop.

  • Operating voltage is switchable via an internal DIP switch accessible through the unit’s battery compartment. Improved operation at 18 volt setting eliminates unintentional distortion caused by high-output pickups and active electronics. VOP9 exemplifies its overdrive performance when connecting to tube amp with high dynamic input range. 

  • True Bypass Switching with 4PDT mechanical switch. No tone changes when switching bypass and effect.

  • Two-way power operation, using 9V alkaline battery or optional AC adaptor.
    (9V alkaline battery: more than 20 hours at plus/minus 4.5V) Easy-access, tool-free battery compartment.

  • VOP9 uses a stabilized DC to DC voltage converter to bump 9V (plus and minus 4.5V) up to 18V (plus and minus 9V). Battery voltage drop and fluctuation of AC power source do not affect the tone and function.


12-Month interest-free installments for HSBC,Manhattan and Standard Chartered are accepted 

接受12個月免息分期計劃 [購物滿2千元正]
(*只限 匯豐/渣打/Manhattan 信用卡)

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