2002 Fender '68 Reverse Strat
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Brand Fender
Model No. 2002 Fender '68 Reverse Strat
Country USA
Year 2002
Type Used
Register Date 2017-02-21
Certification ---
The '68 Reverse is essentially the same as a Voodoo Strat without the Jimi neck plate: special reverse left-hand neck with large headstock (post-CBS style), left handed slant on bridge pickup, and three single-coil pickups with reverse staggered pole pieces.  Provides the same string tension and signal path as Jimi's Right-turned-Left strats, but with a body shape and control locations that are familiar for a right-handed player.

Production of these guitars was limited to 2001 and 2002.  As I understand it, the Hendrix foundation sued Fender over the release of the USA Voodoo Strat which included an image of Jimi on the neck plate.  As a result, the Voodoo Strat production was halted and Fender ran out the remaining stock as the '68 Reverse Strat Special, sans Jimi's image on the neck plate (standard Fender plate).

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